back to article Supreme Court rules on EPA's bad case of gas

Hippies have successfully harshed the US government's mellow by telling the Feds to get to work. A 5-4 Supreme Court decision today in Massachusetts v EPA rules the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to issue regulations aimed at reducing global climate change. The EPA was unsuccessful convincing the court such …


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  1. Ian Damage


    >> Finally, the EPA argued that a link between greenhouse gases and global warming "cannot be unequivocally established."

    Have any of these wanksticks even looked up the definition of "greenhouse"?

  2. kelly Burch


    Got it right by applying the LAW.

    What a concept!


  3. Emmett

    Who writes your cliches?

    Hippies never used lingo like 'harsh their mellow'.Maybe you're confusing them with valley girls or SoCal surfers.I guess to some all subcultures sound alike. I never heard anyone use it ,except in b movie scripts.Even so the phrase was stale by the 90s. I would reccomend the writing 101 handbook Elements of Style by Strunk and White. The advice to avoid a breezy pose seems cogent.

    This court ruling is more relevent to the struggle over the abuse of executive power than anything else. The Preseident and his employees are to enforce the laws,wether they agree with them or not.

  4. SImon Hobson

    Hmm, so what next, classing water as a pollutant ?

    A strange result since CO2 is not a pollutant, never has been, never will be (at least in this context). CO2 is a natural compund and vital to life, just as much so as water !

  5. David

    Now the EPA should take their regulation duties seriously!

    Now the EPA should regulate greenhouse gases as vigorously as they do other pollutants. Since any excess greenhouse emissions will contribute to global warming, all CO2 emissions should be banned, whether from major power plants, automobiles or backyard grills. An exception could be made for CO2 emissions from biomass since one could argue that is carbon neutral.

    To reduce the economic pain, the EPA could generously mandate the elimination of greenhouse emissions occur over a 5-year period (20% reduction each year). It wouldn't be long before congress explicitly removed the EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Global Warming VS Greenhouse Gases

    There is a good possibility that global warming may be occurring. It is even possible that emissions from Coal burning Electric Steam Generator plants and automobiles may be contributing to the problem. However, it is unclear that emissions can be ecconomically reduced for automobiles.

    In the USA the EPA treats Car owners like Nazis. If your car fails an emission test suddenly you are a criminal and your offending auto must be removed from the landscape or repaired at great expense. However, no one pulls the plug on an electric plant or a large industrial plant because of pollution. This is a huge double standard. I think it is a waste of money for the EPA to harrass vehicle owners, that did not design, build, or sell the autos to begin with.

    The EPA should instead force better Miles Per Gallon (MPG) standards on the manufacturers of automobiles. I look out on the landscape of America and I see many vehicles that are larger than they need to be, that get poor gas milage. If the EPA or some other agency or the legislators in washington could force the auto manufacturers to simply improve the standards by 5 MPG then we could probably save billions in gasoline and reduce emissions at the same time. I think the industry that makes autos simply wants to make larger cars because they cost more, and they make a larger profit on each car due to the overall cost per vehicle. I really believe with all of our military technological advances we can easily build a better automobile and force the manufacuterers to make better automobiles.

  7. Tom Watson

    They forgot something!

    The EPA says:

    "When Do You Send Greenhouse Gases into the Air?

    Whenever you..."


    Proper regulation of CO2 MUST include all sources!

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