back to article Google rebuilds New Orleans

Google has casued a bit of a kerfuffle down in New Orleans by apparently rebuilding the city overnight and removing post-Katrina satellite images from both Google Maps and Google Earth, according to an Associated Press report. Some locals are none too happy about the miraculous transformation, as an "incredulous" Ruston Henry …


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  1. john shaft

    Global conspiracy

    Once more, my comrades, it's almost certainly the sinister hand of The Illuminati, Elton John and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as they attempt to rewrite history to their own liking.

    I predict the next target of their warped consciousness will be injecting life into that other post-apocalyptic wasteland - Scotland.

  2. Noogie Brown

    More severe google earth problems:

    Personally, I am outraged that the Coulsdon bypass is not yet shown in it's full glory.

  3. Walter Brown

    This just proves it!...

    coming soon to a theater near you... Katrina 2.0 Stupidity can strike twice!! Google the premier search engine, and advertising mogul of the internet all around the world is actually just a front for a sinister group aiming to trick the world in to believing that "the big easy" has regained its status as the icon of american culture, in hopes of luring tens of thousands of tourists in to visiting NOLA, as the army core of engineers prepares to blow the levees for a second time...

    rated S for stupid!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scotland is like...

    i always thought Scotland was a _post-industrial_ wasteland, not a post-apocalyptic one; difference being one is act-of-man (or slightly evolved ape, if you like, and therefore it is grimy, tawdry and/or pathetic), the other is act-of-god-or-atomic-physics (and thus has a certain catastrophic fallen grandeur, which only natural forces can produce, and which is absent in industrial leftovers).

    somewhat like Detroit, in Michigan, or any other offshored/outsourced manufacturing area in the USA. other countries export products, consultants or raw materials; we export jobs (and don't reeducate people to make them employable afterwards).

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