back to article US lifts lid on world's largest toilet

We all know that everything in the good old US of A is bigger, but surely this is dragging the concept of supersize to hitherto unplumbed depths: The world's biggest toilet in Florida We suppose that the Florida übercrapper (click here to enjoy on Google Earth or here to peruse on Google Maps) indicates that America has …


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  1. JP

    We all know...

    Americans may be full of sh!, but surely this is taking the piss!


    And my guess is that it may be beside a racecourse...?

  2. Steven Powell

    or not

    it's a horse shoe building on a ranch

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It even has a hinge !

    Check it out in 3D at Microsoft's -

    The angle makes it look like it's hinged at the back.

    Can't help loving those 3D views - think I'll see if I can solve the 'flying car' mystery... (although doubt they extend to Oz yet)

  4. Bill Buchan

    Its actually the Orlando Heliport...

    I took a helicopter flight out of there in January - but didnt spot the obvious toilet reference..

    Video of the helicopter taking off from there is:

    And a photo whilst landing of the building itself is:

    ---* Bill

  5. Andy Matheson

    Railway museum.

    It's actually a small railway museum on International Drive in Orlando. You can make out a railway track running around the plot of land and out alongside the pavement. I've stayed in the hotel immediately to the South of the museum. The black and white chequered building immediately North of the museum is a motorsport-themed restaurant.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Definitely the Alpha and Omega of toilets.

  7. Tom Watson

    But is it legal?

    You know... It might not be too legal. Toilets sold in this country (USA) are limited to 1.6 Gal per flush (6 liters for you metric fans). I would assume that this might not even wet the inside of the bowl. We would need to wait for a rainstorm to flush it, and that would make it quite odoriferous in the mean time.

  8. Richard Ormson

    Both of the above are correct.

    It's both a heliport and a train museum. An unusual combination... See here for more, and a pic of the building:


  9. Tricia Pulley

    How funny!

    I drove past this every day for as long as I lived in Orlando. How funny, that it looks like a toilet from above!!!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is a helicopter Aeroport type place on International Drive. a bit further up is a building with a chequered roof. This is the NASCAR restaurant. I went there last year for the NASCAR race at Daytona.

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