back to article Inventor touts Robocop-style armour for use in Iraq

Legendary Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise has decided to offer his services in the War on Terror, spending two years developing the Trojan armoured suit. He reckons it could prove useful in south-west Asian combat. Hurtubise rose to fame in the 1990s during his 15-year-plus effort to develop a suit which could resist bear …


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  1. charlie wallace

    Already been and gone on eBay

    The suit was already up for sale on eBay after the military snubbed it, it didn't make the reserve either.

    Got to $35K

  2. Master Chief

    More of an innovation really...

    Typical american "invention"; Take an existing invention and stick on a clock and/or weapons.

  3. Silas Humphreys

    I suppose we'll just have to hope...

    ... that he doesn't team up with Kevin Warwick. Speaking of which, how IS Captain Cyborg these days? Upgrading himself to Vista or something?

  4. Shaun

    I've seen this before

    Does anyone else watch Stargate? (Or is that a stupid question to post on a geek news website :) )

    Anyhow - I've seen this armour before - It's one of Anubis' Kull warriors;

    Very cool looking though - I'll get myself one after I find my stormtrooper armour.

  5. Marvin the Martian

    Hamilton Home for the Terminally Bewildered

    The outpatients have been busy I see.

    After the video I'm still doubting between cruel joke and incureable insanity. `pepper spray with 1% capsicain will take out a man but not a bear --- how to take out a bear, or 30--40 insurgents? 3% spray!' Mkay...

    I guess the `world clock with 20 locations' on his crotch clinches the verdict. Loveable YouTube comments though, `someone push this muppet in a river and see if he floats'...

  6. Gary McCabe

    "User death imminent- morphine administered"

    Does this suit protect the wearer against heacrabs?

  7. Geoff Gale

    re: More of an innovation really.....

    Hey - we Americans don't lay claim to this looney (and yes for those who make the connection between the inventor and the coin of his realm, this is an intentional pun). He hails from the fair province of Ontario in the Great White North.

    And by the way, Troy has the market cornered in bear safe wearables - there's precious little competition in the sector.

  8. FerretOfDoom

    The Multi-Hue Ranger

    Is it just me or does the guy look like a Power Ranger?

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