back to article Oracle sues SAP for website espionage

Oracle sued SAP, alleging employees with the German firm passed themselves off as Oracle customers so they could engage in the wholesale theft of proprietary Oracle support materials. Over a five-month period starting last September, the employees allegedly gained access to Oracle's password-protected support site by using the …


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  1. josh


    "Oracle first grew suspicious in November, when it started seeing an unusually high number of downloads for materials relating to PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards products. They quickly spotted anomalies. For instance, one customer account suddenly downloaded an average of 1,800 items per day over a four-day stretch, compared with normal downloads of about 20 per month."

    How could they think this would not be noticed?

  2. Dillon Pyron

    Where did they get the credentials

    Now let me get this straight, the download requests were apparentlly coming from customers who were about to jump ship to SAP. And Oracle has no idea where SAP got the credentials from? Sounds like they're trying to play nice-nice in hopes of winning the accounts back. Don't want to burn any bridges by pointing accussing fingers. Either that or Oracle is building a case against these "turncoats".

    This wouldn't be the first time a vendor took advantage of a turnover customer's intimate knowledge of the competition. A bit blatant, but certainly no something that any other company hasn't at least pondered aloud in the board room and on the sales floor.

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