back to article The Federation goes soft on file sharing

The Federation, the UK trade association that prosecutes people for copying software, is letting individual file sharers off the hook and going after corporate software pirates instead. It used electronic surveillance techniques last year to track down bedroom file-sharers in a £100,000, 10-month investigation it called " …


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  1. SImon Hobson

    Same old story ?

    "They don't want to be seen as bad guys" - I bet. Who wants to get a reputation as the software company that drags grannies without computers to court, and claim rediculously disproportionate damages from their victims.

    But read between the lines, and add in the recent comments from Microsoft and we can see that what it's really about is allowing the continued small-scale piracy that allows vendors to keep their market share up. If people can't pirate the expensive packages then they'll demand cheaper products which other vendors will supply if the demand is there - once that happens, there's no "everyone else uses it so you have to" excuse to keep a dominant position going.

    Still, nice to see someone from the evil empire finally admitting that their "every pirate copy is a lost sale" is the load of bovine excrement that everyone in teh real world knows it is !

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