back to article Video game legend hopes to change mankind

Video game god Will Wright thinks his latest creation might do far more than entertain. It may just save the planet. The agenda laid out by Wright, creator of SimCity and the Sims, today at the SXSW technology, movie and music festival goes beyond ambitious. He's looking for the upcoming game Spore from Maxis/Electronic Arts to …


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  1. Andy S

    Recalibration of instincts?

    -- "We are so bad at long-term thinking," Wright said, adding that the game might help "recalibrate our instincts."

    Dr. Breen?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice rocks!

    Is it just me or does that rock 'formation' to the left of the second picture look potentially NSFW?

  3. Roland Korn

    conflicts to look forward too?

    Klingons vs Care Bears if they critter creator allows it would be interesting but I have the feeling there will be a number of similar look-alike creatures created if this thing gets off the ground.

    If this game uses the maple story template for open free access I can see it taking off into the furure for a forseable period of time until everyone either gets sick of them or the ISPs block them as bandwidth terrorists.

    My nickle is on a world of Flumphs having at it with worlds populated with Chartered Accountants, Anamorphic Cans of Spam, Cable Operators and of course more Elves and Fairies than you can shake a My Little Pony at.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the first time

    This is not the first game to have an amoeba evolving into this, into that, into another thing, then into an interstellar civilisation.

    Enix seemed to have done it about ten years ago with their title for the SNES which was called E.V.O The Search for Eden.

    Allegedly this Spore game took ten years to make or something, so that is a bit of a coincidence isn't it?

    Nice that they made it all 3D and stuff though.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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