back to article Google Earth raises hell with Mount Hitler name slip

The mayor of the German town of Bad Toelz, Germany, is angry with Google Earth for its reference to a nearby "Mount Hitler". The official name for the 1,205 metre peak near the Bavarian town is Heigelkopf. But for a short time during the Third Reich it was named Mount Hitler. The municipality of Wackersberg, like many other …


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  1. Lee Humphries

    How about misnaming whole countries?

    Google Earth still insists on calling the Solomon Islands "Soloman Islands".

  2. Ironfrost

    Not the first time

    This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Earlier this year there was a lot of trouble because Google used colonial-era Japanese names for some places in Shenyang, in North East China. Chinese internet users weren't particularly happy about it.

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