back to article Naomi Campbell to mop NY floors

Naomi Campbell will "mop floors and sweep corridors" for five days as punishment for chucking a mobile phone at her maid, the Evening Standard reports. In January, Campbell pleaded guilty in a New York court to a charge of reckless assault on Ana Scolavino, and was ordered to pay Scolavino's medical expenses of $363 and to do …


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  1. Karl


    Bit out of order by keeping her behind walls and saving her from humiliation. Criminals should be humiliated, goes to show you that it isn't what you have commited, its how much money you have to bribe the judge.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Supermodels must be seen to be punished

    How will the courts ensure that Naomi Campbell does as she is told? It seems to me that she will either pay someone to do the work for her or, alternatively, she might clean a small section of floor and then sit back and chat on the telephone for five days. I have met women who would chat on the telephone for five days if the alternative was housework. If the public cannot see her being punished they will assume she has not been punished, because she is wealthy and famous, and that will not bolster whatever faith the public has in the justice system.

  3. Graham Lockley

    Just a thought

    If a cleaner does a bad job he/she gets threatened with the sack (same for most of us really) but if a supermodel does a bad job of cleaning what does she get threatened with ? To sack her would be a reward !

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