back to article AMD's lawyers go ballistic as Intel's e-mails disappear

You say 'tomato.' I say 'troubling and flawed document retention policy.' Yes, friends. AMD and Intel are at it again, attacking each other this time over Intel's e-mail saving strategy. The chip giant is in the process of turning over millions of e-mails and other documents to AMD's attorneys as the companies head toward an …


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  1. Matthew Sullivan

    Sounds familiar

    ... Morgan Stanley anyone? (what was it, $1.5b judgment against for not providing emails on time...?)

  2. Brian Allan

    Poor AMD :<)

    Poor AMD... whining again about competition in the IT world. Get over it guys (and gals), and beat Intel with superior products!

    I can't say I'm sorry about Intel's (terrible) loss of e-mails. It's their information, they can do as they please with it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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