back to article Wanted: social workers (Klansmen preferred)

A chilling illustration of the perils of copywriting by committee comes to us from West Sussex County Council human resources department. The engine of UK south coast municipal governance is advertising for two "enthusiastic and committed" individuals to coordinate racist incidents across the county. Guardian job ad for West …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What more can i say, funniest thing i've read all week.

  2. Greg Nelson

    It's all phenomenological

    There's no empirical basis for racism so you have to go historically deep. Just calling your poker partner a mick won't do. He's a dirty little wog. You OTOH are a filthy sassanack bastard. Go to the right side of the brain. Burn the flag.

  3. Jonathan McCulloch


    As a copywriter myself, I find this fuckup a thing of great beauty...

    -- Jon

  4. Joel

    What they said ^

    The lack of visible sarcasm in this article is what makes it my top read of the week. Good job, haha.

  5. Michael Moran

    I would imagine that Jade willl be on this like a dog on bacon.

    I can't even work out what they meant to say...

  6. Michael Sheils

    heh, best read of the week

    Fantastic, the reg is best when finding stuff like this to entertain us at work.

  7. Peter O'Brien

    Hard to get good staff these days...

    I'm sure by now that you have all spotted the obvious error with this job posting. One short lapse in concentration can lead to the wrong message getting out and misleading people.

    It should have read "enthusiastic and previously committed". You're not qualified without a rap sheet!

  8. Suzanne Davies

    Just another one of the great job titles in Local Goverment

    I work for a Local Authority, this madness is rife everywhere. We also have "Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinators" and " Domestic Violence Co-ordinators" amongst others. Perhaps the country would be a safer place if Local Authorities stopped coordinating anything.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Par for the Course

    I work for a Local council, and have to say this is nothing new. In the last few months I have seen adverts for "Anti-Social Behaviour Coordinator", "Domestic Violence Coordinator" and "Climate change Coordinator"...

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