back to article UK braces for lunar eclipse

For the first time since 2004 the UK is set to bask in the spooky reddish light of a full lunar eclipse, so step away from your computer and hope for clear skies. This Saturday night (3 March) the Earth will move between the sun and the moon. The Earth will cast its shadow on the moon, leaving our largest natural satellite to …


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  1. steve williamson

    Lunar eclipse - nothing yet

    I have a brilliant view of the moon from my desk - all I have to do is turn round and look out the window :)

    Nothing yet, but I have my box of wine and the radio's on - settling down for a nice night's viewing.

    Here's hoping the clouds stay away...

  2. Tony Houghton

    Lunar Eclipse

    What a show! It's one thing to see on-line pics but, thanks to the clear skies, an amazing spectacle tonight.

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