back to article Ms Pac-Man celebrates 25 years with Apple

Namco has released the hugely-popular Ms Pac-Man for the fifth-generation iPod. Like an old college mate who refuses to accept the world has moved on, Ms Pac-Man is still out there night after night, popping pills and running from ghosts down warp tunnels whilst listening to repetitive music. While most of us have had to …


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  1. Colin Sharples

    Wikipedia wrong? No way...

    Wow, those wikifiddlers are really on the ball. The Ms PacMan article has *already* been updated to say 1982.

    Nice to know that really important facts like release dates of computer games are being kept up to date - much more important than trivial things like bios being vandalised with defamatory comments, eh?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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