back to article Naomi Campbell says sorry for mobile assault

Battling supermodel Naomi Campbell has expressed her remorse for the phone-throwing incident which cost her maid Ana Scolavino four stiches in the head and the Streatham clotheshorse five days' community service. Opening her heart to US TV show Extra, Campbell told Terri Seymour about "her violent temper and the personal demons …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WTF is WSA?

    Can someone please tell me what WSA at the start of the article stands for?

  2. David Neil


    WSA - When Supermodels Attack

  3. Andrew Zalotocky

    About those crystals...

    Crystal therapy? So the next time Naomi Campbell has a temper tantrum she'll have a bunch of sharp pointy rocks to hand? That's sure to make her staff feel safer.

  4. Pizzle Shiznit

    Woah Strong Arms

  5. Pizzle Shiznit


    That's WOW strong arms....

  6. Lee Staniforth

    Re: WSA

    Well, it *used* to stand for When Supermodels Attack, but sneaky Lester has just changed it, according to the abbr tag (Move your mouse over 'WSA', and a handy little popup will display the meaning - assuming your browser supports abbreviations)


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Energy giving crystal therapy

    So some really skinny bit reckons her "crystal therapy" gives her a lot of energy! I'm sure HM Customs and Excise would be interested in how many crystals she brings with her on her travels. Half an ounce I shouldn't wonder.

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