back to article BitTorrent Inc offers legal downloads

BitTorrent Inc, the firm that maintains development of the popular file sharing protocol historically associated with illegal movie downloads, has launched a website designed to sell licensed downloads of films and television shows. The BitTorrent Entertainment Network (BEN) launched on Monday with films from studios including …


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  1. Nicholas Wright

    UK Support?

    Martial Arts category - US Only

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy category - US Only

    Cult category - US Only

    Children & Family category - US Only

    WormsArmageddon - Free! YAY!

    Action Category - US Only


  2. Graham Marsden

    But will this be Rip Off Britain again...?

    "BEN plans to offer films at around $3.99 each for new releases or $2.99 for older titles. TV shows would be sold for $1.99 per episode"

    Who wants to take bets that these prices will be "translated" into £3.99, £2.99 and £1.99 when this gets to the UK and it will be impossible to download from the US site at virtually half the price?

  3. Hein Kruger


    I would love to be able to download and watch movies or tv-shows on my pc, but all these legal download services require the use of proprietary (usually micro$oft) operating systems, web browsers and media players.

    There's simply no way I'm going to install windoze just so I can watch some horribly DRM encumbered movies.

    Seems I'm going to have to continue doing it illegally...

  4. Florence

    Films can only be kept for a month

    Yeah I thought they could be onto a winner with such prices (which would make sense, after all, they don't pay for the bandwidth), until I read that movies will be in a Windows DRM'd format and that you can only keep the files for 30 days.

    It looks like files cannot be transferred to portable devices either ("at this point" they say in the T&Cs) - so it sounds as even TV episodes that will still play after 30 days will be riddled with DRM.

    They still don't get it do they?!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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