back to article The Screwpole Emails- Fytte the Third

Phil Rice Uncle Screwpole, the devious master manipulator of IT projects, has promised his nephew Mugwort that he will reveal the secrets of time estimation… To: Mugwort From: Uncle Screwpole Subject: “An unplanned project takes twice as long to complete; but a well-planned project takes three times as long.” Loathly …


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  1. Greg Nelson

    A Monstrosity of Mythological Proportions

    I'm a big monster fan. I was hooked as a small boy when I snuck out of bed and peaked out from the hallway into the living room while my parents were watching 'The Wolfman' on late nite TV. I turned my room into a shrine with every B movie monster model available ensconced in every nook and cranny. None compared to my great aunt's gift of a wall mounted, glow in the dark, sacred heart pierced and encircled by a blood red crown of thorns that dripped blood. It was meant to remind me of Jesus' love for me and his sacrifice but really it did more psychological damage than years of pot, booze and hallucenogenics.

    So if I read your monster correctly you've taken one part Screwtape Letters, a big dollop of Harry Potter essences and called forth the spirit of the BOFH. It's like the first batch of Beaujolais nouveau served up from a Jungian distillation of fledgling IT mythology. Hopefully your monster will fledge and grow strong.

    Sorry for the meandering post but it's late Friday afternoon, I've only my coffee mug for company and way too much time on my hands.

  2. Screwpole

    Harry Potter socks cats in Hell

    Monster?? You haven't seen anything yet, my lad.

    As for the comments, I'll allow Jung and Beaujolais to slip by for now, but another outburst about Harry Potter and I may have to ask one of my assistants to pay you a visit...

    However, I must congratulate your great aunt for her taste in gifts. I too have similar trophies adorning my walls, but mine tend to scream when I hang them up, and then ooze fluids all over my fine rug...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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