back to article Comic Relief cans Jade Goody sketch

Comic Relief organisers have canned a Question of Sport spoof featuring Celebrity Big Brother "contestant" Jade Goody. According to a Comic Relief spokesman, this is because the sketch felt "out of date" and "they were concerned it could detract attention from the fundraising". The spokesman explained: "Recent events have …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    good !

    See title.

  2. Ken Allsop

    Shame, but the right decision

    It's a bit of a shame. I know someone at Comic Relief, and so I got to see this show being recorded - it was very funny. It's just a shame that it's had to be pulled off the air.

    I guess it's the right decision, but I wonder if they could have pointed out before the program that it was recorded in advance (end of last year) - although that would render the "if you raise half a million in half an hour there will be a special reward" that Jack Dee promoted at the start of the show a bit pointless.

    Perhaps it will be shown at some point, or available on the BBCs website. Because it was very funny, and a great lineup - Jack Dee, Frank Skinner, Andrew Marr, Lauren Laverne, Dara O'Brien, Alan Carr (as well as Ms Goody, who was also amusing during the show).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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