back to article Chimpanzees sharpen spikes for bush baby killings

Chimpanzees in West Africa have been observed using sharpened branches as "spears" to hunt other primates. A report in the journal Current Biology documents 22 instances of chimps in Senegal creating tools to stab their bush baby prey. Bush babies are tiny and much more primitive primates related to the lemurs found in …


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  1. Tony

    Those damn dirty apes!

    Where is Charlton Heston when you need him?!?

  2. Steve Roper

    More fuel for the feminists!

    "The behaviour was particularly prevalent among adult females"

    Oh dear. I can see the feminist history-revisionists jumping on this one now. Let's see; it'll be something like: "New evidence indicates human ancestors' tool use originated with women, proving that in the ancient past, the human race was in fact female-dominated."

    "Men are worthless. Men are scum. Men did nothing for the advance of human civilisation. Humanity started on the path to civilisation only because women did this and that and the other." Etc, etc, all the usual misandrous man-dissing BS that will inevitably devolve from this simple observation of chimps is making me heave already!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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