back to article TV show delays drive Oz viewers to distraction

Australian TV viewers are waiting longer than ever to view their favourite overseas produced televisions shows, driving them to use BitTorrent and other internet-based peer-to-peer programs to download programmes from overseas, prior to their local broadcast. According to a survey based on a sample of 119 current or recent free …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    other reasons...

    Plus the downloads aren't full of annoying TV spam interruptions...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You're right

    You're right on a lot of levels, and just when we thought things were improving, they go backwards again, for example Jericho on TEN, marketed heavily last year on the grounds that it's on here just after being on in the US (and indeed, I spent two weeks in the US in November last year, we were totally up to date so I managed to catch two episodes there in line with the Australian viewings), and yet now: NOTHING. It's not in TEN's lineup for April.

    In my case I must admit to having downloaded previous episodes off bittorrent, not because they weren't on here, but because we have crappy TEN coverage (regional area) and in WA WIN was showing the series with a 2 week delay. If I tuned in and couldn't watch, I'd download. The access issue also applies to other parts of WA, we don't have a 5th channel (TEN) here, WIN is the affiliate for both 9 and TEN so we miss a lot of shows, particularly if you cant received Perth TV...and yet why should we miss out as well? And the really stupid thing is that you can actually catch CBS shows including Jericho from their website WITHOUT having to use Bittorrent and legally, as long as you use a US IP address (via Proxy, TOR browser or even some "internet acceleration" services). No amount of IP/ geoblocking can change the fact that as an Australian I can visit US TV sites and view full programs legally provided, after all, it's NOT illegal to use an alternative IP address.

    If the Australian networks had any sense, they'd all agree to move the ratings season to be inline with the US, after all the No1 reason we have a delay here is because of the 3 commercial networks delaying the new shows to coincide with the beginning of ratings in February. Move it to August or similar in line with the US, with a winter break in July.

  3. bob


    once a criminal, always a criminal

  4. Chad H.

    Yeah, but...

    How long have the Yanks been waiting for Neighbours????

  5. Rob Clubley

    It's similar in NZ

    The situation is similar in New Zealand.

    Another reason why myself most of my friends download is that NZ TV is broadcast in narrowscreen and most shows, Heroes being a prime example, are cut so they can be shown at 8:30pm

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How to change it?

    Good to see this problem being written about. But what can joe average on the street do to "fix"it - except maybe the directors of the TV studios?

    And how about some comment on this topic in the press in Australia?

    Just two nights ago the 7:30 report had an "expose" about how Australia is still lagging the world in broadband speed. There has also been plenty of press recently about how the various arts (and particularly film) grants are not helping the Australian arts industry obtain any commercial (and particularly worldwide) success.

    If up-and-coming artists/actors/writers in this country get their popular culture entertainment months/years behind the rest of the world and accessing/watching things over the internet is so slow you never bother - is it little wonder that when they come to create new art it founders in an international market full of up-to-date pop culture references and multimedia interactivity?

    Or is the solution the "British one" - create more of your own local content and develop a stronger local sense of your own pop-culture?

    I'd prefer in future if such opinion pieces on The Register could include some "what you can do" info, rather than just a "please kvetch here".

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only 8 months?

    I don't care too much about waiting 8-18 months for the latest CSI type clone (miss one, you can still watch the same story with different characters next week), but for decent crime drama like "Waking the Dead" (far less formulaic, more plot driven) we've had to wait nearly 4 years!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New or old, it's still crap

    Wait, schmait ! Who really cares? Most US TV shows are the same anyway. The plots are written for 10 year olds, the characters wooden and 2 dimensional. If you can't figure out the ending to a CSI type show by the second ad-break then you are a true coach potatoe.

    The ONLY way the Australian TV industry is going to sit up and notice is when downloading becomes a mainstream activity with Mums and Dads.

    Go for it !

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll admit it

    I admit that I have been downloading some stuff.

    I have downloaded Lost season 3 because I started watching the show when my brother was re-watching seasons 1 & 2 on his videos.

    I have also watched Heroes off a downloaded copy. I didn't download myself, but same effect in that I won't watch it on TV now.

    But that's the only stuff I've downloaded, and it's exactly due to what the article said... The delays.

    It's really bad when you can legally buy the DVDs from USA and then find time to watch the entire season before it even starts airing here. I did that with Veronica Mars season 2. I bought season 1 due to TEN cutting it mid season, and then returning it in a slot I couldn't watch it in. I haven't downloaded any S3 of this since I plan to buy the DVDs and support the show's publishers.

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