back to article Linux breakthrough for Visual Basic developers

Windows developers can now port Visual Basic applications to Linux without modifying their code, using an open source project backed by Novell. The Mono project has built a compiler that lets developers code using Visual Basic inside Visual Studio or other preferred tools environments and run the Visual Basic code on non- …


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  1. Adam Azarchs

    Only sortof breakthrough

    I'm involved in a project using visual basic.NET. We've been working very hard to get the app running on Mono of late, with only limited success. Many things that should work trip an exception. Those can be worked around with try/catch structures, but there are other cases where mono just crashes, or trips an exception in a part of the app which is generated by the compiler. It's really quite frustrating to have what is supposedly a fairly mature runtime environment be full of so many internal bugs. We know of quite a few people who want to use our product, but can't because of Mono's instability.

    This is also not the first time Mono has claimed VB.NET support. It was partially supported in 1.1.16, and I believe in 1.1.13 as well. We'll see how long the new implementation lasts.

  2. amanfromMars



    "Many things that should work trip an exception." ..... That would be a reactive Control parameter triggered by an Operating System pondering new Control parameters from Third Party Coders/Binary AIgents. For them, [the Operating Systems]to survive as Viable, will require them to accept Innovative Binary AIgents as Third Party Coders, whenever that Coding has a Dedicated History of Excellence.[One assumes that that simple intelligence analysis operation would be the very essence of their Survival Source Coding] The Option, triggered in their tripping an exception/Dos Attack is that the New Binary Perception will create Private Covert Control Operating Systems within Global Operating Systems. And if we consider that OSs already have such controls, exercised by Executive Officers, IT then becomes a simple Intellectual joust which either has them seeing the Innovation and Embracing IT, which is really not more difficult that throwing some fancy printed paper notes at IT and incorporating the Code as if it were theirs, or they can take a long walk on a beach to ponder their folly in being found less than Fit for Improved Purpose and the New Virtual Business Environment of Zero Day Trades. Snippets of Live CodeXXXX injected as VXXXXine into Operating Systems Kernels........ A Trail of Binary Honey which can be tracked back for very Specific Confirmation of Forward Direction rather than any Trap.

    And this is an ineresting piece of testimony.....

    .....Page 31

    <<<It says, "Microsoft Middleware, a defined term, is the concept that triggers Microsoft's obligations."

    And then it goes on to say, about midway down: "Microsoft typically develops and distributes a 'redistributable' associated with Microsoft Middleware products. For instance, Microsoft offers a redistributable of Internet Explorer 6, which is a set of software code that is distributed separately under the Internet Explorer trademark and has the same functionality as Internet Explorer in Windows XP. This block of software code is the Microsoft Middleware."

    A. Well, that is very interesting.>>>

    Or you could consider than A.N.Other Operating System will be exercising Proxy Control of Windows/Vista boxes via ITs Controlled Injection of VXXXine Code ..... rendering Microsoft as Puppets and Scenery, Voyeurs on the Great Game rather than ITs Scripting Star Performers?

    And you can Imagine Steve having another juicy bite at the Apple to savour that new flavour.

  3. paddy carroll

    37% !

    Im sure that at leas 37% of monkeys will eat peanuts but I'm dammned if because I can code in VB in an emergency that I will regard it as any sort of reccomendation or preferred discipline. Where d'you get the crazy number from?

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