back to article Carphone Warehouse in pr0n demo outrage

Somebody has been making merry down at Carphone Warehouse, and no mistake. The mobile phone outfit has thoughfully provided a demo of its MyMobileAccount facility (hit "view demo") which offers a rather interesting account name and phone number: That Carphone Warehouse outrage in full By the Lord Harry and Saint George. As …


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  1. Andy McKnight


    The "view demo" link's been removed. The swf animation is still live though. Google for the cached mobile services page which has the link.

  2. Andy Crofts

    Poor bloke!

    Some poor sod's gonna get - at the least - disciplined just for having a larf!

    Boobies, and anyone for a B.J indeed! Made me chuckle for the first time today...


This topic is closed for new posts.

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