back to article British forces auction old kit online

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) launched its Del Boy auction website on Sunday, offering everything from a fully-armoured Land Rover Discovery (£9,500) to a complete RAF uniform or a Gordon Highlanders kilt. The site has been flogging off old Army gear for a while, but the auction section should really liven things up. Items …


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  1. Will Sheward

    red Guards not Red Guards

    "...or a rather splendid Red Guards uniform, which could be yours for just £30".

    I think you mean red Guards uniform rather than a Red Guards uniform. Unless, unknown to the public, the MoD did a bit of souvenir hunting after the fall of the Soviet Union?

  2. Bob Hannent

    Looks like you broke it?

    Connection refused... looks like it couldn't take the strain of an El Reg posting.


  3. Peter Barcroft

    And Down

    El reg strikes again - yet another government website taken down within minutes of being put on the register

  4. Jonathan Richards

    No, the monkey has it right, sir.

    The auction site says:

    "You are bidding to buy a Red Guards Tunic".

    And you all thought you *won* the Cold War. Ha!

    Do svidanie!

  5. Mark Hamilton


    Followed the link for the jet trainer to and saw the following few gems:

    "90 LHD Special OPS Vehicle

    Fitted fold down rear Weapons platform complete with Gun mount and Ammunition racks, HD Front Bumper and Light Guards"

    Great for the polis in Paisley.....might be safer with the weapons though....:-)


    MK IV Blackboard

    Whit the hell was this for...??? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.


    On the DSA site there was also a

    "Non-effective Tucano ZF141

    "Heavily spares recovered" this not a dubious description considering the kerfuffle with spares and cannabalising of aircraft spares in the last few months???? Are they just selling them cos they've taken all the spares?

  6. Nigel Lucas

    amusing misreading

    "The site is also offering a Yellow Goddess - a rare, riot-ready Green Goddess which saw action in Northern Ireland."

    When i glanced at this, I thought it said "..a rare, not-ready Green Goddess..." which I found quite amusing. Do yellow Goddesses ripen into the Green ones? :-)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Made £700 Million since 1990's

    So the DSA has made over £700million since the 1990's.

    Well done chaps.

    Now can you please tell me how much money the MOD wasted buying surplus kit so you could make them some money in return ??

    If the items are sold at 50% discount the MOD has wasted £700million !!!

    Just think how much booze and drugs the soldiers could have consumed with that sort of money..

  8. Rob Holmes


    They should have called it M.O.D-bay, em oh dee - bay? geddit?

    I'll get me coat.

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