back to article Are there secrets to life-long brain power?

Are there secrets to life-long brain power? Research shows that there are. According to Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa, president and medical director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation International in Tucson, Arizona and author of Brain Longevity (1997), Meditation as Medicine (2002), and Food as Medicine (2004), "your brain …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And all these findings are peer-reviewed, are they?

    Just to be clear, has Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa actually published any of his theories and research in a reputable peer-reviewed journal, or does his work carry as much weight as me saying 'drink camomile tea'?

  2. storng.bare.durid

    Good point, first commenter but...

    .. if he gave u a peer reviewed reference, would you be able to make sense of it and make your own judgements critically ?

    Just because something is published in a peer reviewed journal doesn't mean it's a great piece of research, and conversely just because something isn't published doesn't mean it has no significance or isn't true.

    But I take your point, inductive logic and arguing from authority suggests something published somewhere respectable is more likely to be sensible.

    Which begs the question:

    Is Dr. S Juan an 'authority' ?

    I grant he's only 'reporting' in this article.

    Caveat emptor


  3. Toby Murcott

    Publication record

    Its pretty easy to check someone's publication record, simply look them up on Pubmed which is the publicly available database of all published academic journals in the bio-medical sciences. It doesn't have every single journal but those that are not available via Pubmed are known as "unlisted" and not usually given the same authority as a listed journal.

    A quick search, and I mean this took about 3 minutes, search turns up 2 publications by a DS Khalsa, one that mentions Alzheimers and the Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation, and one that does not. Here's the url for the search on the term "Khalsa D S" (If that doesn't work, the search engine is at and I used two search terms "Khalsa D S" and "Khalsa alzheimer's"). Neither appear to be clinical trials or original research but I have not read the papers in full and therefore cannot tell for certain. The first, published in 1985, appears to be a summary of evidence, a review in other words and the second one published in 1998 is classified by Pubmed as a review.

    So, the author cited here has a publication record but on an initial search it appears to be short one. The results of that search suggest that he has not published original research in the field in a Pubmed listed journal. To be sure of that one would either have to spend much longer conducting far more extensive literature searches or simply contact him and ask.

  4. Matt Milford

    Sensible advice

    Makes sense, not overly surprising I must say, basically what all these reports say: Eat less junk, exercise more.

  5. Lee Staniforth

    Simple Advice

    Healthy body = healthy mind.

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