back to article YouTube X-rates breast examination vid

YouTube has moved to protect kiddies from "potentially offensive" footage of a UK sawbones performing breast and testicular examinations, The Sun reports. Two videos of Dr Chris Steele - as seen on ITV's This Morning and host of - have been rated "adults-only" lest wide-eyed innocents stumble across their …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    YouTube *nannies* too much...

    you tube is getting just too prudish - and stupid!! It does have a mechanism to 'protect' people - you have to register for an count, and follow the prompts, to see content!!

    and even then, as it *hates* the humanbody, deleting content..

    I would tell Dr Steele to goto a different video site, where *adults* are given more respect... eg mojoflix or dailymotion..

  2. Steve Roper

    It's YouTube's users who are the nannies

    Actually, the decision to "X-Rate" YouTube content is made by the community at large, not YouTube management. Every video has a link below it marked "Flag as inappropriate". Anyone clicking this link adds a flag to the video; if the video accumulates enough flags, it gets rated as inappropriate and you have to sign in to view it. The video is not censored at all; the only difference is the required sign-in.

    So this is more the prurient sensibilities of the YouTube community, with people from around the world flagging content as inappropriate. Given the strong presence of religious elements in that community, it is not surprising that any video showing genitalia gets flagged, regardless of its motives. Censorship begins at home; when the do-gooders, curtain-twitchers and religious freaks get together, it bodes ill for everyone else on this planet.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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