back to article 'Your future is in your hand,' says talking urinal

Back in July last year, we reported on the latest innovation in urinal technology: the "Wizmark Urinal Communicator", designed to give forth whenever some unsuspecting bar customer points his pecker at the porcelain. Specifically, the Wizmark is a "waterproof, disposable drain cover embedded with electronics that senses a …


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  1. Paul Murray

    Big Brother

    How long before there are monitors in the urinal to detect alcohol and illegal drugs?

    The drug detector would, of course, have to take a photo of the offender, leading to hilarious possibilities ("I swear, it's a case of mistaken identity, guv!").

  2. Steve Roper

    Re: Big Brother

    With alcohol and drug monitoring and the photo being taken of the person, how long before that photo is passed to facial recognition technology, that identifies him and notifies the local coppers that John Bull of 1 Reefer Lane is off his face on pot? As soon as he comes out of the bog, there's the bobbies all waiting to nick him!

    Even worse is the possibility that the device can only photograph your old fella, so every bloke in the country has front up for a photo of his pecker to put on the National ID database!

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