back to article Web mobilises to honour Anna Nicole Smith

The tragic news that the world is this morning poorer to the tune of one pair of 38DD breasts has moved netizens to honour Anna Nicole Smith in time-honoured web tradition. RIP Anna Nicole Smith First up, try "The official Anna Nicole Smith dies website", which tearfully declares: "May angels guide u on ur path to heaven to …


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  1. Math Campbell


    Nasty, horrible, evil, and downright sodding hilarious.

    I'll be invoicing you for a new keyboard, btw. My old one has just suffered a coffee-based death as a result of this article! :)

  2. Jon Brindley


    Mmmmm .. coffee death ...

  3. Greg Nelson

    A Cosmological Cataclysm

    The Death



    Hot Big Bang Model

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    search engine glee

    I bet the directors of Google, Yahoo! and the like are rubbing their hands at the thought of selling related advertising.

    Anyone dying is sad but it shows the mentality of a lot of the weirdos using the net.

  5. chris spam

    Not quite as bad as this site in the article

    Not quite as bad as this site in the article, but they are getting in on the act to.

    People have actualy left flowers for her. I wonder if that will happen when jade from big brother dies..

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leave Her Alone

    This is wrong to make light of a serious situation. That woman just wanted to live her life. Though at times her behavior seemed odd. She was human, and look at her childhood. Her mother not teaching morrals most teach their children. I blame that crazy lady. Then tries to take Anna's baby, why so history could repeat itself, I really hope not.

    Anna Nicole, you truly made us laugh, wonder, and cry.

    May you and your son reunite together and watch over that sweet baby girl, whose has lost her wonderful mother that all know loved her dearly.


    Anna Nicole and Daniel

    You will always be remembered.

This topic is closed for new posts.