back to article UK goes green with gassy offshore wind farm

As the UK becomes only the seventh nation to have more than two GigaWatts of electricity generated by wind farms, the government has given the green (no pun intended) light to the world's first offshore combined wind and gas energy scheme. Despite sounding like something that needs a cup of green tea to settle, we are assured …


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  1. sean bone

    Good Idea

    This is a great idea, we need to reduce the amount of green house gases and beleive this will help to minimise the current problem. Powering 70,000 indeed will be a challenge but it is worth it and agree 100% to all planning permissions.


  2. Tyson Hammer

    Why not?

    I think wind energy is going to be a very important resource in the future. I do not understand why we do not use it more, since is it so cheap and easy. I am glad that the UK is taking some initiative to become the seventh nation using wind energy. Is there a particular reason we do not use more wind energy? It seems so primative, yet efficient. In the future, I expect more will be used.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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