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Last month, Kiwi programmer David Harris officially threw in the towel. After 17 years, he announced he was ceasing development of Pegasus Mail, the famous, free-as-in-beer, email program. (That Mr Harris subsequently retrieved the towel, now damp in patches and covered in other people's hairs, I will get around to in a …


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  1. Andrew


    A well written article that shows genuine affection for the topic at hand. I was too young to use Peg (I was 12 in 1990!) but I have suffered MS Mail, Notes and Outlook (Express and Office editions both POP3 and Exchange connected) so I can at least feel where you're coming from.

    Alas, you are right. No one man can fight the good fight forever and open source might just be the way to go in the end.

    I look at what rubbish is foisted upon users and hope for the day when I work for an IT Manager or company that will let me experiment with other options in the open source world. Until then it's Office and Vista all around. :(

  2. Rob

    open source

    We had Pegasus mail in our computer labs at uni in 1998.

    I liked it.

    We use outlook in the office.

    I don't like it.

    Open source will be the way to let people carry on using it but I'm constantly amazed by how we're always being asked to save money and spending decisions get turned down, but then I'm shocked at how suspicious accountants get when you tell them about open source software.

    I think they're just saying no because they like to say no

  3. florian mosleh


    the gnu fortunes utility has inherited pegasus' .sig annotator's proclivity for rapier wit measure by measure. i had been at my current employer for about 2 weeks when i was asked, very politely, to stop including the fortunes in my work correspondence. *sigh* the internet should have never been given to the mainstream. business has done for the internet what the Handicapper General did to <a href=""> Harrison Bergeron</a>

This topic is closed for new posts.