back to article What is sexsomnia?

Also in this week's column: Great moments in human research 2: "Concluding, among other things..." What ever happened to tuberculosis? Where does the taboo against sex during menstruation originate? What is sexsomnia? Falling asleep after sex is common, but falling, sleeping and staying asleep during sex is another matter …


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  1. Webster Phreaky

    All the listed examples of proof are anecdotal ....

    This is all BS, there is no proof of this being an actual medical, neurological or psychological condition in fact. Research it yourself! This Internet talking head doesn't report on myths, he perpetuates them.

    Read this link at Museum of Hoaxes:

    NOTICE that it's the same quacks in Toronto CN that Juan refers to in his rediculous story!

    After his stupid reasons for "hairless faces on humans", ones TOTALLY unsubstantiated by anyone in science, who believes anything this Ph.D. quack has to say!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Mr. Phreaky -- I decided to take you up on your challenge, and research this issue myself. Not having a lot of time to waste, I decided to further rely on you to provide the counter-argument to Dr. Juan's article: I checked your link to the Museum of Hoaxes, and according to them, sexsomnia is real.

    I'll keep an open mind on this one; perhaps you should do a little more research and find a source which actually agrees with you. Let me know what you find!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This has happened to me... no need for sources

    My wife has told me several times that we had sex -- and I had no recollection of it. So as far as I'm concerned... this is real.

  4. T. Nielsen Hayden

    Almost all reports of sleep-related behavior are anecdotal --

    -- because few of us have an accredited sleep disorders specialist sitting in a corner of our bedroom, taking notes every night. Likewise, few of us go to bed wired up to an EEG and various other monitoring devices, as is done during clinical sleep studies. If a sleep-related behavioral syndrome is sufficiently widespread, troublesome, or diagnostically useful, monitoring techniques may be devised that can record the event as it occurs; but there's no guarantee that that will happen.

    To take just one example, cataplexy, one of the basic symptoms of narcolepsy, can be elusive in a clinical context. For many narcoleptics, episodes of cataplexy are triggered by specific emotional stimuli, which are different in every patient. Someone whose cataplexy is set off by emotions that don't normally occur during visits to a doctor's office is going to have to rely on anecdotal reporting. The only alternative is to try to arrange for circumstances that will prompt the desired response while the doctor is watching. If that sounds like the setup for a sitcom episode, let me assure you that the results can resemble one.

    Anyone who thinks that "supported only by anecdotal evidence" is sufficient grounds to dismiss reports of some odd somnolent behavior doesn't understand sleep disorders.

  5. Rick Eastwood

    I even make sandwiches while Im asleep

    This is honestly serious and does happen to me.

    I regularly have conversations with my wife and Ive been knows to make her food in the middle of the night and have no recollection of it the following morning. And Ive woken up dozens of times "on the job"

    My wife just laughs rather than getting the hump.

  6. SCooke

    It happens to Females too...

    According to the article the study was mostly on males...I am female and I have had similar experiences with my husband and others previously:

    While "out cold", at least I believed I was, my husband enjoyed my caresses and apparent moaning. He, wakes up and does what any man would do...he even says he thought I was awake though my eyes were closed...but I moved and responded...In the morning I have memories of dreams that seem sexual in nature but I can't remember them clearly. I ask him if we had sex, and he responds, "yes, don't you remember..."

    Then there are times when I have woke up during the act of sex and been extremely mad because I didn't want sex and I had made that clear before going to sleep. But when I get angry he just says "well, I thought you had changed your mind by the way you were acting..."

    Now it is difficult because I believe that this must be happening to me since I have faint recollections, but I never know if my husband is going to use it as an excuse to start things on his own and blame them on me...

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