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Also in this week's column: Does urinating after sex prevent catching HIV or other infections? How much damage does a tapeworm do to the human body? Is it dangerous to wake a sleepwalker? Great moments in human research 1: "Concluding, among other things..." The Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded to research that is not exactly …


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  1. Stan Gifford

    Hic Hic Hic

    An August 1988 article in the Annals of Emergency Medicine concluding, among other things, that there can be a "[T]ermination of intractable hiccups with digital rectal massage".

    All I can say is that I hope to live the rest of my life out never requiring treatment for "intractable hiccups".


  2. Paul Murray


    Porcelain toilet accidents are occasionally the result of people who are accustomed to squatting attempting to use one. Finding it impossible to defacate in the sitting postion, they climb and put their feet on the rim (sorry) of the pedestal.

    This places tensile stress on the porcelain, which shatters it. The injuries, as you can imagine, are horiffic.

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