back to article Microsoft execs jilted by an unfaithful Dell

Microsoft executives - having been unceremoniously dressed down for, among other things, plotting to cut off rival Netscape's supply of life-giving air - discussed bludgeoning Dell over the true-blue ally's embrace of Linux. The online musings came to light this week in the antitrust case being tried in Iowa state court. In …


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  1. Bliss Wheeler

    Microsoft Monopoly

    This is what happens when a monopoly doesn't want competition. They should have broken Microsoft into pieces when they had the chance. They stoop to their abode tactics every chance they get. Just like the bully in school they need to get whacked with a baseball bat along side the head. When it starts costing them for their unrighteous dominion and they find it isn't worth the risk trying to destroy the competition and actually start competing, maybe they'll actually come up with a product that isn't made of swiss cheese. They need a stiff billion dollar fine, maybe that will wise them up.

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