back to article Expert KOs Rocky's artificial intelligence

The latest Rocky film has posed questions about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Rocky Balboa, the sixth instalment in the long running franchise, features a computer simulation of a boxing match between fighters from different eras. Characters in the film argue over the ability of a computer to decide whether the …


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  1. Chad H.

    If noone else will ask, I will.

    So, What I think we all want to know is, Rocky Vs Darth Vader, Who would win?

  2. Jeremy Hooks

    Good question Chad

    Darth Vader, as we all know, has a light sabre. Rocky however is the 'Good Guy'. Both characters are products of Hollywood.

    We all know that in Hollywood movies the good guy wins. Therefore, Rocky can't loose, however he will take a good beating first - as is his trade mark.

  3. sybaris

    Get a grip.


    That guy is a nobcheese, Why does he feel the need to tell us we cant do what the film did? Did anyone walk out of the cinema and say 'Gosh I must run off home to simulate fights between old doods and young doods' Only for them to be devastated when they found out they couldn't?

    ROFL what a gimp........

  4. Kloister

    It's All Old Hat...

    As it's been done (to death) in Celebrity Deathmatch...And let's face it...I am sure we would rather see clay models of Marilyn Manson take on Pamela Anderson in a fight to the death rather than subject ourselves to Rocky XXIII...

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