back to article Tesco USA to deploy 'world's biggest' solar roof

Los Angeles-based Solar Integrated Technologies today announced it had signed a deal with British supermarket chain Tesco to install the "world's biggest" roof-top solar panel set-up. The $13m contract will provide eco-friendly juice for Tesco USA's new distribution center in Riverside, California. According to Solar Integrated …


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  1. Short Stuff

    Return on Investment

    Something doesn't add up here, at least from a business perspective. They say it will cost $13 million dollars, and produce 2.6 million kilowatt hours per year.

    2.6 million kilowatt hours at say $0.14/kwh (which is high) is only worth about $364,000.00. Divide that into the $13 million cost, and it takes over 35 years to get a positive return on investment, not taking into account and future costs for repairs and maintenance.

  2. Trevor Watt

    But what about...

    The $10,000,000 of free publicity, you forgot to factor that into the equation!

  3. Rick VanGessel

    tax breaks

    I am sure that they will also be getting some pretty nice tax incentives from CA and the Feds

  4. Mike F

    Not exactly short

    Well lets face facts, tesco arn't exactly short of a bit of spare cash are they!

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