back to article China rattles America's cage with satellite shot

China is reported to have shot down one of its own satellites, sparking international criticism and concern over the strength and sophistication of the nation's military. Although there is nothing to suggest the test was carried out with hostile intentions, the fact that China feels able to demonstrate the capability to destroy …


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  1. Rik Powell

    Good old China

    Sounds good to me. China should 'Accidentally' Shoot down all the satelites in the world, bringing information to a hault. Then we would all go back to the fundamental aspects of society.. Hang about that would mean no reg? Take that back, naughty China!

  2. Bob Hannent


    The last time I heard about trials like this it made me nervous and it continues to do so. Not because of the debris, but in case someone decides to start knocking out commercial satellites.

    Your article does however forget to mention the 1997 US anti-satellite laser tests and their current ambitions:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not sure what more there is to say, really...

  4. Mike Harding

    China A possible Neo Luddite Communist War Machine

    Have you ever considered the reliance the western powers military on GPS and other satellites?

    It guides our aircraft, cruise missiles, bombers, ships and all manner of other military applications that give us a great advantage over our enemies when it comes to the precession application of force. Allowing us to use less military resources to greater effect, meaning that the number of troops you require to defeat an enemy is less. We also have generation of pilots, ship captains and marines that are reliant on these technologies and wouldn’t know what a sextant was if it hit them.

    The US no longer has long range high altitude recognisance aircraft such as the blackbird in favour of cheaper more effective satellites.

    Secure communication and military systems also use satellites to get information clear across the globe in an instant.

    So if China who have a vast conventional military superior in numbers and less reliant on Satellite technology was to destroy the GPS network, the spy satellites along with communication satellites. We would be blind, deaf and dumb, would it not be plausible they would severely level the playing field in terms of the ability to project its military force in favour of the less technologically reliant Chinese

    A sobering thought

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