back to article Giving some Juce to cross-platform tools

Last month I looked at Qt, the popular C++ cross-platform framework which underpins the KDE desktop, and a whole lot more. This time, I'm continuing that same theme by taking a look at another cross-platform C++ library called Juce (OK, no jokes about Apple Juce!) Chances are pretty good that you've never actually heard of …


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  1. Julian Storer

    Thanks very much!

    Hey, thanks for the great review, Dave! Next time you're propping up the bar in the Reg's local hostelry, let me know so I can pop down and buy you a beer.

    P.S. Annoyingly, I'd actually already spotted and fixed that menu glitch you mention on page 1, so that pesky "known bugs" total should be back down to zero pretty soon...

  2. Karl Lattimer

    GTK & Gnome please

    Could we have one of these about GTK and Gnome, GTK has bindings in C/C++/php/python/perl/C# etc. etc. etc. Moreover I find it easier than any other toolkit to use. It is also cross platform, and runs on the Nokia 770 (soon to be nokias very own mobile platform).

    GTK is where its at for UI toolkits ;)

  3. Dave Jewell

    RE: Thanks very much!

    Hi Julian - glad you liked the review. The idea of a beer sounds good. The idea of several sounds even better. Just need to figure out where the Reg's local hostelry is located.... :-)

    Good to hear the Apple menu bug is fixed already. I expected nothing less!



  4. Dave Jewell

    RE: GTK & Gnome please

    It's on the to-do list. As I think you imply by mentioning all the available bindings, it would be good to cover GTK++, GTK#, etc, at the same time.



This topic is closed for new posts.

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