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Palm's Treo 650 smart phone has spearheaded Palm's smart-phone business since its debut in the US in October 2004. Still, it's looking long in the tooth, especially after Palm shipped the Windows Mobile-based 700w and its Palm OS sibling, the 700p, earlier this year. But rather than ditch the older product, Palm's re-modelled it …


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  1. James Murphy

    You need to check your prices

    It turns out to be ever so easy to get a windows smartphone (or even a pocket pc phone) without contract for about the same price as the 680 - there's a link on this page that will take you to a site with several options...

    That's not to say that the palm is not a good deal because clearly it is - nice that there is competition in the field to drive development forward.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Treo 680 European price rip-off

    As a long term Palm owner I get e-mails from Palm (USA and Europe) and sites such as I was very taken by the offer of a Palm 680 at (USD) $399. With the UK pound as strong as it is that seems a good offer at (UKP) £204 - except of course Palm USA won't ship to Europe. Palm Europe ('Palm Connection') also tempted me with an offer of a Palm 680 at just (UKP) £299.

    I e-mailed Palm about the 50 per cent mark up, and they just said "Both the US and the European stores operate independantly (sic) and therefore prices are fixed with regard to local markets.

    The Palm Store Customer Service thanks you for the opportunity to assist you and hopes to have been of assistance."

    Rip off.

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