back to article Can blind people see in their dreams?

Also in this week's column: How the 'true blue' political maverick gave the senate to the donkeys What is selective mutism and is it for real? Can blind people see in their dreams? Asked by Cindy Webster of Palmerston North, New Zealand Most researchers believe that people who are blind from birth or who become blind in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Animals do dream

    Im sure that people with dogs have watched them having nightmares. Our Jack Russell sometimes gets very twichy, eyes rolling, legs jumping and sometimes little whimpers as if they are having a dream.

    I have also noticed he does this more after being for a good run on the beach where he has met other dogs, so therefore as we dream to organise our day, I believe dogs relive the day - as a dream.

  2. uncle sjohie

    does everybody dream?

    Funny, but I can only recall one dream I had ( a nightmare) in the 32 years of my existence. In the article nothing is said about the amount of dreams. or if everybody dreams. Maybe that's an idea for a follow up story?

    Uncle sjohie

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