back to article Asus W6 leather-clad laptop

Leather, a material that calls to mind, at one extreme, Diana Rigg, tight thigh-length boots, the crack of the whip and, at the other, well-worn sofas, ancient libraries and the air of long-faded wealth. Somewhere in between sits Asus' latest leather-covered laptop, the W6Fp... asus w6 leather-clad laptop Asus might like …


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  1. Bill Marcus

    Hmmm Looks like a Toshiba

    Is it just me or does this like almost identical to a Toshiba M105 series (less leather of course). Same placement of most items!

  2. uncle sjohie

    A ferrari red notbook with tan leather?

    Hmm, maybe they could do a combo with their Ferrari branded notebook? Ferrari red with tan leather would be nice, allthough you could probably never find it again in your car.. :-)

    Uncle sjohie

  3. Andy

    macbook pro

    When you can buy a macbook pro for £1600 i wonder why youd want to buy this instead?? Macbook will run current games extremely well indeed, im playing NFS Carbon on it and it runs better than my P4 3.2ghz with a geforce 550 256mb.. and it looks a lot more gorgeous than this laptop does

    go apple you know you want to and you can even run windows with bootcamp if you really must

This topic is closed for new posts.