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The first iPod Shuffle was something of a surprise. Apple had already said it didn't think too much of Flash-based, low-capacity players, though that's just what the Shuffle was. It didn't even have a screen, unlike so many of its rivals, forcing many an observer to wonder who'd buy the thing. People did though, and the compact …


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  1. Steve Mason

    "shuffle" - really?

    As an owner of the first incarnation of the so-called "shuffle" I've seriously considered complaining to the ASA about this misnomer. This device is not random at all but instead plays a pre-defined supposedly random order of tracks - as demonstrated when I listen to 10 songs, turn it off, turn it back on and have to skip past the same 10 songs in the same order despite being on "shuffle" mode both times.

    Disappointing to say the least and the only reason I haven't gone elsewhere is due to the recharge-off-usb ability they've removed from the new one. Great move Apple - not.

    Suffice to say I won't be buying another one, ever.

  2. davebarnes

    My wife thinks her Shuffle is very cool

    My wife's IPod Shuffle arrived yesterday.

    She filled it with 130 songs (256 bit rate) (about 6 hours of music).

    Let is charge for 4 hours.

    Started using it.

    She thinks it is a great complement to her 80GB iPod.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The ONLY iPod for the beach

    I have an original Shuttle, I bought to take on the beach.

    Why? Because when you plug the the headphones in

    your unlikely to get sand etc into it. Unlike other Ipods

    that have the "docking" hole, which sand etc will just get

    in to and destroy your Ipod?

    This new Ipod also ONLY has a phone jack so again I feel its safe or the beach, I leave my 60G iPod safe at home!

  4. Mark Connell

    so far so good

    This is the first mp3 player i've bought. But with the old minidisc walkman on its last legs and more and more of my music ending up on the computer, i thought it was worth a look.

    Like the review says, it comes in the new nano packaging, which is painfully annoying if you don't notice the peel off sticker on the top in order to open the case!

    The writers comment of the convience of the dock, well personally, I am at my computer at least once a day, so it isn't terribly inconvient for me to simply dock the shuffle and tell it to autofill / let it charge. Bearing in mind also, that the player is about the size of a 50p coin, the dock isnt that much bigger, so not really that much hassle in that respect.

    I noticed a previous comment mentioned the old shuffles didn't remember where you were in a shuffled playlist, that doesn't appear to be a problem with this bad boy.

    One thing I absolutely love about this is the little integrated clip. For those who carry around a walkman with an inline remote that you can clip onto your clothing, you'll find this very convenient. The clip isn't as tight or tense as i would like it, but its firm enough to keep it attached to you while on the move.

    Overall, a neat little gadget worth getting providing your not worried about loosing it due to its size!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shuffle is great

    I don't know what the first comment is talking about - I too have a first-gen iPod, and love it. I have never noticed it repeat songs in the same order - though if it was truly random that would occur sometimes.

    It's a shame that the article doesn't mention the free engraving that Apple is offering at the moment - I got my daughter one for Christmas, and being able to engrave her name on the back is a wonderful bonus - no danger of it being nicked at school!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but how does it sound?

    several muckworld ( writers claim the new shuttle has a noisier more bandlimited amplifier than the prior generation. what say your reviewers?

  7. Andrew

    Shuffle's data transfer rate & USB

    While 36Mbps is a lot less than USB 2.0's theoretical max of 480Mbps... Nothing I've ever seen even comes close to 480Mbps.

    It's the whole theoretical vs actual... The same sort of thing happens in Ethernet and probably lots of other things... On a good day, with all the right conditions, maybe you get 60% or 70% of Max.

    So considering that the same is true for USB 1.1 ... 36Mbps transfer rates is a very significant improvement... And while it's not up to around the ~256Mbps (or so) Max USB 2.0 transfer rates seen in tests like:

    Even a lot of those tests, the numbers for certain conditions fall significantly short... 36Mbps isn't great... but it's not all that bad. ;)

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