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It would not be the first time the suggestion has been made that games programmers hold at least one key to the future for business systems development. But IBM's latest research project - a "secret island" within the confines of Linden Labs' Second Life massively multi-player games environment - brings that possibility a whole …


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  1. ian hughes

    Thankyou for the article

    Thankyou for such a great article. It was good to be able to show you what we have been doing. I do indeed appear to have a title 'to-die-for'.

    Can I just add, that the multichairs are from a talented UK based SL resident called Timeless Prototype. I did not want us to take credit for the multigadget simply that many of us use it in Second Life.

  2. Treacle

    proto-Gibsonian Cyberspace?

    Are we seeing the beginnings of Gibson's imagined cyberspace, with giant neon pyramids representing corporations, and hackers hitchhiking on rays of digital light?

  3. David Norfolk

    Pointy haired avatars?

    I'm so glad this is happening - business users have had 2nd-class UIs for too long - and I remember the PM for Websphere talking about the use of games programmers on the Websphere Express user experience some years ago.

    But, sadly, I suspect that many pointy-haired managers won't like their minions looking like they might be enjoying themselves on company time - even if this does make them more productive...

  4. Rafael

    It wasn´t Gibson

    Idea was very well "designed" in Neal Stephenson´s Snow Crash.

    Even to the avatar level.

    But to me it does not look like a Business Model, more like a step beyond videoconferences, multicaller, VoIP, Sametime, Chat, etc:

    Absolutely awesome GUI.

    Strategy Boutique Warriors must be really salivating.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whatever next...

    "with even printers having IP addresses."

    Whatever next, telephones without wires? :o)

  6. Michel Leblanc

    The not so secret anymore IBM island

    To view pictures of IBM installation in SL go here :

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