back to article Why can't I remember my own birth?

Also in this week's column: Why don't we suffer from e. coli all the time? Why do some people feel the cold more than others? Can you become intoxicated by the power of suggestion? Why can't I remember my own birth? Asked by Jon Bovard of London, United Kingdom The subject of birth memory is very controversial among …


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  1. Bryan Seigneur

    Who recorded the post-birth story?

    Who recorded the post-birth stories? The mothers or someone else? If the babies recognized a *different* voice making telling the same story and cottoned to the story, that would be even more remarkable.

  2. KevinOwen

    Memory. How Far Does It Go Back?

    What the article above shows is how far behind or backward those mentioned in the article are. If you run memory with Dianetics Auditing it will go back well before birth. The only way one can get a reality on that is to recieve some auditing and experience it for themselves.

    Past Lives

    Past lives, or times we have lived before, are suppressed by the painfulness of the memory of those former existences.

    The memory is contained in mental image pictures which, on close viewing, are capable of developing a reality “more real” than present time.

    Where a person has been tortured or killed without adequate reason, the injustice of it causes him or her to protest by holding in suspension in time the picture.

    To restore the memory of one’s whole existence, it is necessary to bring one up to being able to confront such experiences.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kind of sloppy 'science' here

    The obvious way to control for variables unrelated to having heard "The Cat in the Hat" before birth is to perform the experiment with a second group, this time using the *other* story before birth.

    A somewhat larger sample wouldn't hurt, either. Given the continued popularity of reproduction, it shouldn't be all that difficult to come up with.

  4. Leszek KENSBOK

    Get a Reality

    El Reg dabbling in Scientology propaganda?

    "The facts of past lives, if you care to pursue them, are best seen from the viewpoint of the person receiving spiritual counseling in the hands of a competent Scientology practitioner. " Yeah, sure - the facts. If you care - go get audited. Aha.

    Dear Reviever/Moderator,

    I have no idea what made you disseminate propaganda suggested to you by a bloke who can do little more than some copy-and-paste. His gobbledygook about what "the only way" would be deserves a saucy answer from the like of Otto Z. Stern, not an unanswered-to publication. Spam in El Reg, tss.

    The good old English journalism means you refrain from indoctrination. Whoever this "KevinOwen" is, his posting containsis nothing but arrogant and unsolicited advertisement for sectarian world view and their 'services'.

    Therefore you could moderate this spam out, monitor closely any future postings by the spammig Kevin, or both.

    Please help Kevin "get the reality" he craves so very much.


    Leszek KENSBOK

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