back to article Why do you sometimes shiver when you wee?

Also in this week's column: What is a Confessing Sam? What is the purpose of tickling? Why do your hands turn white when you wash the dishes? Why do you sometimes shiver when you wee? Asked by John Rae of Clapham, United Kingdom Shiver wee? This is not to be confused with chivalry (the valorous qualities of a knight or …


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  1. Ian Ferguson

    Same response when drinking

    Fascinating - I've always had this shivering response and wondered about it. When I was a teenager, I frequently felt faint while urinating - in fact, I did faint (into the bathtub next to the toilet, fortuously) once while urinating. I would also momentarily lose my eyesight through 'black spots' in front of my eyes.

    Interestingly, I get the exact same shivering response when drinking certain liquids - most notably, weak orange squash, or drinks which I'm not particularly fond of. I'd be interested to know the scientific explanation for that; I suspect it's related to the gag reflex.

  2. Mark T

    Wee are still evolving then

    Sounds to me that if the human body was computer program then this would be described as a bug or an undocumented feature.

    No doubt in time it will be fixed in a later evolution.

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