back to article Logitech VX Revolution 'freewheeling' cordless mouse

If you're an avid laptop user, you'll know how clumsy most notebook touchpads and thumbsticks are and that you really can't go wrong with a good mouse. Enter the VX Revolution, Logitech's latest laptop-friendly input device. But this time there's more on off than just a fancy new design: specifically, the mouse maker's new …


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  1. Paul Hubert

    Better mouse?

    Although I've used Logitech mice for years, I'm a bit disappointed at their recent offerings. My all-time favorite is the now discontinued wireless MX-700, with two thumb buttons a small button before and after the wheel and another button a little farther behind the wheel.

    Additional features would be great, but it seems Logitech has only RETREATED from this 8-button configuration.

    I use the thumb buttons, of course, for page back/forward, but also use the additional buttons for COPY, PASTE, and Shift-Delete. With Firefox's Autocopy extension installed, I save tremendous time navigating sites and posting in forums with this configuration.

    Newer mice use different software that doesn't seem as fast or as configurable. Nor do they have 8 completely programmable buttons if you don't want to manually modify the XML files!!!

    Bring back the MX-700! Give IT a tilt wheel and let me configure -everything-! :)

  2. phayes

    why have they stopped making bluetooth mice?

    Having to eject their 2.4Ghz dongle from the mouse and then plug it to a USB port to be able to use the mouse negates almost all utility of this mouse on a laptop.

    Bluetooth may add a cost premium but more and more laptops come with it integrated. I can't be the only one who is willing to pay 20$ more for a full-sized, high-end mouse that I can take out of my bag, flip a switch and use. Unfortunately, Logitech (& MS) have all but abandoned the bluetooth mouse market.

  3. Nikolaus Heger

    Lose the battery and the dongle and I will buy it

    I love Logitech mouses - wonderful and indestructable. I have a G5 for laptop use, and like it very much.

    The main thing I don't get about the current generation of wireless mouses is that they trade a very minor inconvenience - cable - for two new inconveniences: Battery and dongle.

    I will lose the dongle. And if I already have to plug something into my laptop, why not plug in a cabled mouse to begin with? Bluetooth would at least make sense, I would be able to just use the Mouse without doing anything special to "start up" and it would be just one piece of equipment.

    AA Battery? Do I want to go buy a battery for my mouse? Do I want to keep a stash of AAs in the house just in case it runs out at night? In my pocket in case it runs out on a road trip? Do I want to dispose of used ones in the battery disposal center? Do I want to feel guilty for throwing a little bit of hazardous waste in the bin?

    I don't care if the AA lasts 5 months. That would be even worse because I will definitely have forgotten to bring a spare battery after 5 months, and as murphy's law has it the battery will go out just as I give a presentation.

    I take a cable over that any time.

    Dear Logitech, please make the same mouse but with the following modifications: Bluetooth 2.0 (for speed), Li-Io battery, short retractable USB cable that can charge the Li-Io battery from the laptop. Thanks!

    If the retractable cable is a bit longer, it could also be used to play games etc where Bluetooth might be too slow. Make the cable the same as the G5, a cord-style cable, that's just wonderful.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wireless Mice stink

    I couldn't agree more. Get rid of dongles, batteries and all that wireless bumf. If there's one area where we really don't need yet another power source, it's in computer components that don't need them - ie a mouse. Just plug it in. I don't want to have buy batteries. In my mind, adding batteries to a device that is always in close proximity to - and is traditionally tied to - a very reputable power source is what can only be described as a step backwards. Figure it out Logitech.

  5. Will

    Want my wallet? Give me the cord.

    Fantastic design. Logitech are making massive steps forward in device managment, and development but are overlooking the very items they are setting out to make.

    Why make a wireless model with a built in dongle? What the hell is the point of that? We all know that the majority of the units sales will be to the market sector with the single biggest amount of income at their hot little hands. The 9-19 market.

    Gamers want this. Teens want this. Tech-heads want this. I want it. I am using a G5 model at the moment. FANTASTIC DESIGN. Even better, it's got a cord.

    Don't develop, and sink majority funds into a what is a misc. category. People with laptops don't need titantium tilting wheels, or a billet CNC'd inside with precision engineering. Gamers want it, and no gamer users a wireless mouse (no, real gamer that is).

    Put a cord on it, the same cord as the G5 (overlocked material) and i will buy one. Hell, contact me saying you will, and i will prepay it right now.

    Cord me, cord me now!

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