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Eclipse is not just a Java IDE, it is a tools platform, which supports an increasing number of projects. The broad scope of these was apparent in Callisto, the code name for a set of simultaneous project releases earlier this summer. There are 10 projects in Callisto, including Java and C++ development tools, visual editors, …


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  1. Colin Sharples

    Out of memory errors

    The out of memory errors seem to be caused by a bug in the Sun JDK. Update to the latest rev (update 8) of the JDK (, and you should be okay. There is quite a big discussion about this in the Eclipse bugs system (

  2. Carol Beckley

    Download New Eclipse Magazine for FREE

    Hi, my friend at work pointed me to this excellent resource called Eclipse Magazine ( Thought I should point this out for the good of the larger community. The inaugural issue of the magazine is available for FREE. You can download it from here:,id,5,nodeid,4.html. Once you register, you also have FREE access to the magazine for the months of September, October, and November 2006.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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