back to article The parable of the beer and diapers

BI (Business Intelligence) is about extracting information from data and data mining is an important part of that process. Data mining is a process that looks for patterns in data, so in a sense it is like querying the data. The crucial differences between simply querying the data and data mining can be summed up as intent and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why is everything Wal-Mart? Debunking the myth...

    Why is it that everyone thinks this is about Wal*Mart?

    There are other grocery chains in the Midwest.

    Kroger is one.

    H.E.B is another.

    And at the time that the story came out, Kroger was doing a lot of BI.

    But thats not the point.

    The true correlation isn't that male parents buy diapers, but that having kids drives parents to drink!


  2. Richard

    It could be

    that the correlation is more along the lines of drunkness and inability to getting up and going to the toilet?? hence the nappies...

  3. Alan Bourke


    Maybe the diapers are for the men themselves, so they don't have to get up from the sofa of much beer to go for a slash.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    most young americans

    "Most young American males only buy diapers after they have fathered offspring".

    Most? That kinda implies that there are some young american males who buy diapers who haven't fathered children.

    Ignoring adoption and frat boy parties, there are some strange people out there!

  5. Rachel

    Women who buy beer & nappies

    My husband is a house husband but somehow I still do some shopping so the role reversal is not 100% However, I buy beer on behalf of my husband and nappies and if you were to analyse dates and places the business intelligence would no doubt be very interesting - perhaps we could start a beer & diapers/nappies group? Anyone interested in this or any group or a fantastic new BI tool get together at

This topic is closed for new posts.