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Also in this week's column: Is there any evolutionary advantage in snoring? What is deep vein thrombosis? Can leaving a baby to 'cry it out' cause brain damage? The Minamata disaster - 50 years on It is now 50 years since the most horrific mercury poisoning disaster the world has ever seen took place in Minamata, Japan. …


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  1. Allan

    Using Mercury in Humans

    Just a quick note to let readers know that mercury is used in most vaccines even with the potential heath risk (It is probably used to weaken the virus often contained in the vaccines). We shoot up 3 month old infants with the same quantity of mercury that an adult receives even though the child is less than 1/10 the size and many organs of the child's body are still developing. These vaccines may be linked to autism, often appears a while after birth and which has some characteristics of the "Mad Hatter" syndrome.

    Vaccines, in many cases, are beneficial but others may not be needed especially at 3 months of age, while a child is still developing. For example, Hepatitis B, all the documents that the Drs office gave on why this vaccine is needed refers to adult activities as the means of getting hepatitis B. Why are they wanting to give this to a 3 month old?

    Be careful, mercury is still considered harmless in controlled amounts. I have a hard time believing that a small amount is harmless.

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