back to article What's this 'scotomisation' in The Da Vinci Code?

Also in this week's column: What lies within: Life in the human body What happened to haemophiliacs before blood supplies were safe? Is the brain-sex theory founded in fact? What's this "scotomisation" in the The Da Vinci Code? Asked by Rita Hamblyn of New York City In the current blockbuster film, The Da Vinci Code, …


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  1. william berglund

    What does that have to do with anything?

    I'm sorry but that doesn't in the least clear up the fact that this "story" doesn't defend the fact that every single other visual depiction of John has him depicted in exactly the same way. DaVinci painted John in the Last supper the exact way every other artist before and after him does. As a rather feminate looking male close to Jesus.

    Scotomisation doesn't enter in to it. The picture depicts what it depicts nothing more, nothing less. And it certainly doesn't depict Mary Magdalen next to Jesus. Take a look at the art from that timeframe and you will discover that the person in the painting looks like John and does not resemble any other depiction of Mary Magdalen available.

  2. George

    It has everything to do with it.

    'Scotomisation' has everything to do with it. If people don't *want* to believe that what they are seeing is in fact the depiction of a woman sat next to JC, then they won't see it: they'll see - as you put it - "a rather feminate looking male close to Jesus".

    The fact that other artists depicted these characters in the same way is completely irrelevant. Da Vinci wasn't sat at the table with JC and his disciples - he just painted what he thought they'd have looked like. Which rather nullifies the whole arguement, both in the movie and here on El Reg.

    It's all lies anyway. :)

  3. Darren Jones

    Not "scrotumisation" then?

    And there was me thinking it was "scrotumisation" - a handy pun on the theories that have similar content.

  4. william berglund

    It is all Lies

    You are correct in that, this work is ALL lies. Nothing written in this novel or portrayed in this film can stand on its own ground, well next to nothing(paris is in france). The gnostic Gospels in the same book as the Dead Sea Scrolls, WHAT!!! The two will never and have never even been sloppily associated with one another, The Dead Sea scrolls have nothing at all written in them with religious context.

    That is the point of my previous post, this is all quite rediculously construed to the public as truth when all it does is allow them not only to remain ignorant of the truth but to believe in lies none the less. This article IMO only strengthens the argument that The DaVinci Code is based on truth, when it so blatantly is not.

  5. Tom Watson

    Other movies... Great Dialog.

    Flash back to the movie "Catch Me If You Can". Nice dialog point (when discussing 1960's baseball). Dad: "Do you know why the Yankees are so good?" Son: "Because of Mickey Mantle?". Dad: "No, not that, the opposition is blinded by the pinstripes". Fast forward to getaway scene at Miami airport. The son (Frank Abaginail[sp?]) is trying to get away with all the FBI and cops swarming the place. He escapes by having a bunch of nice looking "stewardesses" (that's what they were called then!) all around him. All the cops were looking at the wrong people. Standard magicians trick.

    Maybe DaVinci was a magician at heart!

  6. Anonymous Coward Silver badge
    Anonymous Coward


    1. The root of the word must be familiar to many Christians, for one noun form, skotia, occurs in John I.5, a few dozen words from where folks start with New Testament Greek. And, by the way, Liddell & Scott give the verbs as "skotizo" or "skotoo" (omicron omega, there).

    2. When such pedantic jargon is used for what has been called "turning the Nelson eye", I begin to see why the trial judge enciphered a message on naval history.

    3. Surely El Reg could've brought in a tech angle? Couldn't "scotomisation" be defined as the removal from one's kernel of any code belonging to the Santa Cruz Operation, Caldera, or their heirs and assigns?

  7. Danny

    Kind of like...

    Kinda like seeing an entire walking whale from a peice of skull fragment??? Maybe scotomisation affects evoltuionaries worse than the rest of us?

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