back to article Why do I get eye strain?

Maybe grandma wasn't right. Experts now contend that reading in the dark probably has no long-term damaging effects on the eyes. But eyes become more tired in poor light since they have to work harder to discriminate letters, colors, and objects. So it’s a good idea to work and play in plenty of light, especially as one gets …


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  1. AJ MacLeod

    And pigs once used their ears to fly. Probably.

    Ah, I see - it's all down to evolution again. Except... why hasn't evolution provided us with extra-super-all-powerful eyes rather than this, the sign of degrading processes which are observable everywhere in this world?

  2. Del Merritt

    Taking the previous commentor's bait...

    Ah, c'mon. We have - at least for now - changed the way evolution "works" for human beings because, in no small part, we generally don't penalize something like poor eyesight at an older age by keeping the holders of those "deficient" genes from reproducing at a younger age. Until there is pressure on the population - e.g., superior lens flexibility at old age somehow becomes a survival requirement at a younger, pre-childbearing age - you won't see people evolve.

    Where such pressure could come about in a more realisitic setting - if you call Science Fiction and/or true colonization of the moon or Mars "realistic" - might be in the selection process of the candidate colonists. If the colonists are chosen in any way besides truly randomly, then they will represent a branch that has taken at least one step in an evolutionary way. I.e., if certain genes weren't present in the selected group, they won't likely appear on their own down the road.

  3. Sam Penny

    Cure for age-related sight problems

    Given that our pupils naturally shrink as we get older, thus causing difficulty in seeing clearly in poor lighting, clearly the sollution is to spend your pension on pot...

    Cheers & God bless

    Sam "SammyTheSnake" Penny

    PS, no of course I'm not being serious!

  4. Martin Huizing

    The answer:

    Answer: Viagra.

    When gramps takes the wonderpil, Granma will get aroused and her eyes will dilate accordingly.

    In the time it takes for gramps to 'get things started', grandma can grab the latest edition of Readers Digest and enjoy an eye-strainless reading experience.


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