back to article Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?

Having evidently forgotten about that Street View Wi-Fi-harvesting debacle, Google has admitted constantly collecting the whereabouts of Android devices regardless of whether or not they have location tracking enabled. Between 2007 and 2010, during the debut of its Street View service, Google gathered all the Wi-Fi network …


  1. anoco

    Now I get it why I keep seeing the location app turning itself on and back off every once in a while.

    I think it's time to start marketing that tin foil phone case. So here it is my first draft;

    "Keep your boss, your wife and Google at bay with the new Tin Phoil! No need to keep turning the phone off in order to have privacy. No more phone calls without an appointment. And no more worries about who is paying for the radiation studies. Tin Phoil will keep you safe and silent."

    Off course Apple is going to sue me saying they had this idea before by just having their sheeple hold their phone wrong.

  2. Marshalltown

    Getting the location of the cell tower?

    When a cell tower is planned the desired location is fixed to a high degree of precision - less than a meter IIRC. That location is fixed with an accuracy of about 1.3 mm in latitude, but the longitudinal distance will vary with distance from the poles. The locations are public knowledge (at least in the US).

  3. Tim99 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    They would

    "Google claims the collection is part of an experiment to optimize the routing of messages through mobile networks."

    Mandy Rice-Davies applies...

  4. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Not surprising.

    Android takes every possible opportunity to make you turn on tracking, and once on make you go though a lot of hassle to turn it off again. I'm sure the vast majority have it on constantly.

    It's a massive battery drain too, unfortunately.

    And then we have the apps that requires access to everything on the phone, no matter how trivial the app is.. Android is a bit of a shambles.

    1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

      Just checked my own phone, and of course Location was on... If an app could turn it on, and off once you don't use the app that would help, but Google doesn't want that.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Just the tip of the Melting Google Niceberg

    Friend or Foe? Who be your support and would be partners is a telling tale.

    amanfromMars replying to Dirtnapper Nov 24, 2017 3:24 AM [1711240824] says on

    What the Bilderbergs want, is what Ol' Schmidty will deliver. ..... Dirtnapper

    In the past that might have been reasonably expected, Dirtnapper, nowadays though is it always going to be a battle where the aggressor element is destroyed because of its ignorance and arrogance in things as they now are.

    To imagine that things have not fundamentally changed today with all of this new fangled and entangling virtual technology at our fingertips, is a sure sign of at least a lack of intelligence and can even signify a descent into madness whenever the fight is to deny knowledge rather release it.

    Do any of those caps fit Ol' Schmidty/Alphabet?

    If one doesn't learn from one's own mistakes and missteps is one bound to fall foul of their repercussions and consequences, and they can be fatal/terminal.

    It is the enigmatic conundrum, is it not, to be able to know so much about everything and everyone and yet to be so disabled and/or unable to do anything really creative with IT. Not at all smart and more likely quite epically stupid would be the answer to explain all of that, methinks.

  6. Tail Up

    Rule Nr What?

    Ha. Location. Add distant robo-analytic intrusion and constant, sleepless presence of an AI agents in your life. No more limitation in the human operator resources - you pay the ticket for your own personal "spy" aboard.

    Are we still playing footsies with these distant phone-payment systems, fcuck-cable battery chargers and NFC functioning? Are we just trying to bear down the GOOG capitalisation, or really want to search the light of THE truth (mwahaha) with the help of a torchlight of a clear vision of the "problem"?

    Moneybags want to know that the stability of the Body is controllable. And it will be controllable, to some programmable extent, while they can control the parameters and quality of the "blood cells" carrying money via its veins - banks and digital payment systems to shops, fabric, and all kind of traffics and back, in material form, to a carved in stone circle of acceptants.

    Devices. Not only Code matter (-;

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      No Hard or Fast Rules for InterNetworking Phantoms and Dark Web Knights of the Cyber Realm

      Howdy Tail Up,

      How's it hanging with you. All well and good I trust.

      Moneybags are realising and terrorised by the fact that new bodies in control, and there are collections of them in command, program themselves quite perfectly well enough to be practically outstanding and virtually untouchable ...... and although they can be stable, are extremely volatile and can choose to be overwhelmingly unpredictable too.

      Such are features in their programs. To imagine, presume or assume that they be faults or vulnerabilities/systemic bugs for unwarranted exploitation, is a road to nowhere which occupies useless fools who be useful tools.

  7. Sssss

    Really, then what about my mobiles wifi turning on and off everytime I turn my cellular data on (or was that start the phone. Will have to look at that again). Seems a lot happening.


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