back to article American search team fails to find women's G-spot

US researchers have concluded that there's little evidence to support the existence of the legendary Gräfenberg Spot - a bundle of nerves located in the front wall of the vagina which can supposedly cause the earth to move. The team - led by urologist Dr Amichai Kilchevsky of Yale-New Haven Hospital - trawled "clinical trials …


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  1. Richard Cartledge

    Never mind the 'G-Spot', wheres the flaming 'Reset to defaults' switch?

  2. Ru
    Paris Hilton

    I wonder if this study was as poor as the last one

    Which seemed to involve a very small and skewed sample of people. A bit of careful research suggests that it is at least partially a learned reaction, that you won't find it unless you've been actively trying to hunt it down, and that not everyone finds the sensation particularly pleasant anyway.

    Honestly, this is almost as daft as the whole debate over female ejaculation (and look at the current attitude of the Aussie censors towards that!)

  3. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    "We're just passing the tonsils. Nothing to report yet."

  4. Anonymous Coward


    More researchers finding a way to take a little more joy out of life.....

    (And yes, I volunteer to help find the fabled G-spot in their next study)

  5. admiraljkb


    No doubt it was a vigorous study and the scientists stuck it out to the very end, and really inserted themselves into their work. After many oral dissertations, back breaking labour in the field was required. Working many late nights they couldn't quite get a handle on it, but they laid out the foundations for more in-depth research when a proper conclusion can be reached.

  6. John H Woods Silver badge

    Activation required ...

    ... Mrs Woods says it's only hard to find because it only becomes active after one's partner has cooked an elaborate meal AND TIDIED THE KITCHEN BACK TO THE STATE IT WAS IN BEFORE.

    I can't tell if she's right, because I'm only allowed to look for it when those conditions have been fulfilled.

    1. admiraljkb

      Activation required...

      Activation Server not found. Do you wish to phone product support for activation assistance?

  7. Local Group
    Thumb Down

    It's a trick perpetuated by women

    to keep men down there, rummaging around with their instruments, looking for it.

    (buffing nails). "That's not it, honey, try a little further in and up.". "That's much better. (puts down nail buffer and runs fingers through partner's comb over)

  8. samlebon23

    When the woman is cold, she doesn't reveal anything, even her G-SPOT.

    So take your time, bake her before you shake her.

  9. Revelationman

    Never had a problem

    These Scientist do not get out much, not hard to hit the G, just experience and understanding the emotions of your partner.

    A good partner wants to please their partner, it is a thrill to feel the emotions of your partner enjoying being pleased.

    Funny how much of these silly scientist are paid to do this study, lol

    1. Curly4

      Your comments are sooo on the mark!!!

  10. Camilla Smythe


    See.. knobs don't come with clitoral stimulators and they do not bend the right way for the G spot. Ergo there is no G spot... or clitoris.

    1. admiraljkb


      Except in Kansas

  11. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    American Expedition

    Probably turned back by cold weather and poor equipment.

    Evidence of prior teams was found, although it is unclear whether they achieved their goal.

    1. Local Group

      Wasn't there some cannibalism going on too?

      Or were they just pretending to chew?

  12. joe.user

    Except for Palatin Technologies...

    PTN I think will be the next female viagra, and not the spam kind

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's next to the urethra

    Maybe it is part of the urethra, hell I dunno. If you can't find it, look in her eyes, they twitch at the same point every time. There it is.

    What is with these researchers?

  14. Curly4

    Find it by brail

    If your bofins are using their eyes to find it they never will! Maybe they need a refresher course!

  15. Richard Altmann

    just talk to the lady fgs!

    Ask her how and where she likes it and 10sec (or whatever the El Reg unit is) later you will have a squeaking,squirting Earth Mover that will test your bedsprings to the limit or beyond. So what´s the f***ing point of this kind of research? Do this boffins ever talk to the wife? Christ!

  16. Fembot

    I'm a girl and I know for a fact that the g-spot is real. If you insert your fingers curved slightly upwards into the vagina, you should feel a slight pleasant increase in pressure, that's the g-spot. I'm surprised that so many people know so little about something so obsessed over. I mean, for fuck's sake I even found a goddamned youtube video on how to find it...

    1. unitron

      And no doubt.... was exactly for that sake that the video was made.

      Sherlock, because if you're going to be looking for evidence of something, this is a great thing for evidence of which to be looking.

  17. Jason Bassford

    I'd never hire that research team.

    It's like the flat-Earthers, or those who believed we were the center of the universe. "We've done extensive investigation, and all evidence up until now says the Earth is flat and the center of the universe." Idiots. Of *course* by sifting through previous studies that have been criticised you're going to find a preponderance of "evidence" for exactly what's gone before. It's obvious. Was that ever in dispute? How about a study that throws everything out the window, including preconceptions, and actually starts doing trials and collating new empirical data?

  18. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    For what it is worth ..

    The XSSXXXX Alien view would more agree with Odile Buisson.

  19. Adrian Challinor

    Man fails for find women's g-spot

    Move along, nothing new to see here

  20. Martin Huizing
    Thumb Up

    New Wikipedia entry?:

    G-spot: Word of Female invention to counter argue that Men too can't find anything around the house.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The first time I found the G-spot it was pretty obvious. I hit that spot (quite by accident) and my wife suddenly went into a screaming orgasm. Granted, I'd been knuckle deep for a couple minutes at that point, so she was already warmed up, but still... Further *ahem* testing has shown that there is, in fact, something special about that particular spot.

  22. MrHorizontal

    Pictures or it didn't happen.

    I somehow don't see the 'spark' or 'chemistry'. I expect the general appeal of the scientist or the lab environment didn't help either.

  23. kain preacher

    Serious questions

    Did they use just college kids or seasoned vets . Did they use any lesbians . Oh by the way did you really think lab rats would be able to find the g spot ?

  24. Red Bren
    Thumb Up

    So many volunteers

    But none if them are women! I hope you boys are open to new experiences...

    Where is that thumb going?!!

  25. JeffyPooh

    "There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women.  Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible." P.J. O'Rourke

    More here:

  26. Fr. Ted Crilly
    IT Angle

    eh eh

    careful how you go with the overc(l)ocking...

  27. farizzle

    Maybe they didn't

    ... have the right version of Flash.. err I mean Flesh..

    On my way..

  28. stevor

    Too bad for you

    I've found it and used it. If I weren't married and the right volunteer wanted me to show it to them, I'd gladly do it.

  29. andy 45

    I'm exonerated!

    A good day for man...


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